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Welcome to Makorikori kennel website!


Briefly about us

My husband Wojtek, our kids – Paula and Kamil, and I, live with our wonderful two Rhodesian ladies – Gabby and Waśka, in a small town called Wojkowice. We enjoy long walks, bike trips, all in all, any form of activity that can be done outside! What is more, Gabby and Waśka just adore swimming, which is not surprising as we live near a small lake. You can find us there especially after the summer season when we can freely enjoy that place.
Our Rhodesians are wonderful companions and protectors, they make us feel really secure. Of course, you’ll frequently find them lying comfortably on our sofa, but who doesn’t like warmed up seats? Besides, relaxing in such a charming company is even more enjoyable!

A dream came true

We have always known that we want a dog, however as it often happens in life, we kept postponing the decision of getting one. Once leafing through the dog breeds catalogue, Rhodesians caught our attention, however we considered them out of our reach at that time.

Then, in 2005 our cousin visited us with a little Rhodesian puppy – that was the impulse that for resuming the issue of enlarging our family by a little ridged fellow. I started my research on the breed, its characteristics, behavior, health issues, kennels, etc. One thing led to another, and we found Ewelina Pyzik and her kennel Leo Ginger, where Liana was expecting her 12 puppies, one of which is our wonderful Gabby. In May, when the puppies were 5 weeks old we decided to visit the litter, then we chose to pick pink ribbon lady. A month later she was with us!


That was in 2007. Gabby immediately won our hearts. The little redhead followed me absolutely everywhere, even to work where she found another cozy spot- another sofa! All the walks, exercises, games, agility and obedience trainings, and shows have made my Gabby even more wonderful.

Rhodesians are not only my passion, but moreover part of my life and family. And it is also thanks to my loving and supportive family that I can enjoy and indulge in my passion. My fascination with this breed also involved great research in the field. I also took up dog training and handling courses, and although I am not professionally working as a trainer, I do use the skills and knowledge gained on such courses in every day life with my Ridgebacks, I also give advice on Rhodesians to all in need.

When it comes to dog shows, they have become not only our hobby, but also a chance to meet other people who are as crazy about Rhodesians as we are. Its great fun and an wonderful opportunity to exchange our experiences and ideas. I would like to thank Ewelina for all the help, advice and medical services – Ewelina is not only our dear friend but also a great vet!

How we begun our kennel

We started up our kennel naming it Makorikori with Gabby being our first breeding bitch. It took us some time, but finally we had found an exceptional sire for Gabby's first litter. The puppies were born in 2010 from Gabby and Ikimba Waitimu, called Wantu. We instantly knew that one of the sweet pups from the ‘W’ litter would stay with us. And so it happened, our family welcomed a new member- charming and lively little lady named Waśka!

I am very glad to share my life with such wonderful dogs as Rhodesian Ridgebacks!!

Enjoy our site!

Izabela Gołąb with family


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